“Done is better than Perfect!”

Sheryl Sandberg 



Decide what is the priority – Getting something done or getting it perfect?

Sheryl Sandberg Quote



I have been working very hard and teaching myself to turn my Newsletters (of the second term of 2021) into Blogs on my website.  After ‘multiples of 10’ revisions for each Blog, I made some progress.  They might not be perfect and I am still figuring out how to get things done more effectively but then decided:

Done is better than Perfect! 

My struggles made me think about how children are often trying desperately to complete multiple deadlines and projects, while feeling tired or anxious.  They often want it better, but just do not have more time or energy. 

Getting it done is really often better than getting it ‘perfect’.

REAL Thinking & Learning about your ‘Your priorities’
when doing a task will help you to Be More Realistic
to Get Things Done!

Estelle Brettenny