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Estelle Brettenny

Hi there! I’m Estelle Brettenny

And I am happy to welcome you to the REAL Thinking & Learning eShop! 

If you landed on my little piece of the Internet, you’re probably a learner, parent, educator, professional, or maybe just a pro-active person.

But come inside my brand-new shop and see what I offer.

Remember, this shop is ‘work in progress.’

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The REAL Thinking & Learning Products will…

Equip you to become more aware, knowledgeable, skilled, and empowered (as a thinker or learner).  And this will help you to make changes in one or more areas of your life as a learner, parent, educator or professional. 


Provide you with user-friendly resources and tools to support your own children, the learners in your classes, your clients, or even employees,

To Become and Be More…

  • Metacognitive;
  • Skilled with executive functions, such as planning, organizing, focus, prioritizing, task initiation, task completion, time management, self-regulation, etc.;
  • Effective with Thinking and Learning; and
  • Pro-active lifelong learners with a growth-oriented mindset.

    The REAL Thinking & Learning Products are…

    • Realistic & Reflective (metacognitive) resources.
    • Effective & Enjoyable to use.
    • Active & Achievable messages, steps, & strategies to develop skills.
    • Lifelong & Long lasting in value.

    Furthermore, they are…

    • Unique integrations & simplifications of complex concepts or ideas.
    • Visually engaging. 
    • Mediational.
    • Visual reminders.


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