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Welcome to the ‘REAL Thinking & Learning to Be More’ Newsletter, your weekly source of inspiration during school terms. My newsletters are dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding and awareness in crucial areas, such as:

  • Key concepts in thinking and learning.
  • Insights from cognitive science and learning science.
  • Strategies for growth as a thinker and learner.
  • Effective Learning Teaching Support Material, and more.

My passion is to delve into these subjects through thoughtful reflection, reading, and research. I aim to share compelling insights and ideas that can inspire you to become more aware, metacognitive, knowledgeable, and empowered in your journey as a learner, parent, educator or professional.

Join me as we explore the power of deliberate thinking and learning – a path to personal growth and development. My mission is to help you ‘Be More’ in your learning journey.

In 2023, we delved deeply into Learning Teaching Support Material (LTSM), providing valuable resources and insights.

For 2024, our newsletters will embrace the theme ‘Mini-Lessons to Be More,’ offering concise, impactful lessons to enhance your learning experience.

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REAL Thinking & Learning to Be More…

Aware, Metacognitive, Knowledgeable, Equipped & Empowered…

Past Issues of the ‘REAL Thinking & Learning to Be More’ Newsletter.


30 November 2023: Mapping as Learning Strategy: Desirable versus Undesirable Difficulties (Part 3) 

23 November 2023: Mapping as Learning Strategy: Desirable versus Undesirable Difficulties (Part 2)

16 November 2023: Mapping as Learning Strategy: Desirable versus Undesirable Difficulties

2 November 2023: My Preferred Learning Strategy I Teach All Learners

19 October 2023: 6 Links for Easy Recap: ADHD-Friendly Learning Teaching Support Material

21 September 2023: 10 Reasons Why Learning Outcomes are Important for ADHD Learners

7 September 2023: One Logical Thing that ADHD -Friendly Learning Teaching Support Material Must Have

24 August 2023: The First Essential Thing ADHD-Friendly Learning Teaching Support Material Must Have

10 August 2023: [Interesting Formula] Diagnosis of ADHD/ASD + ‘ADHD’ Books & Notes = Problematic Combination

28 July 2023: 3 Reasons Why ADHD-Friendly Learning Teaching Support Material is Essential.

12 June 2023: Colour in Learner Workbooks. 3 Things NOT TO DO!

2 June 2023: Exam Time! And Cognitive Overload is a Reality! What Can You Do?

22 May 2023: New Course and Big Sale! Better Learning Teaching Support Material – HOW & WHY?

11 May 2023: Create Learning Teaching Support Material to Enhance Learning – HOW?

27 April 2023: The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience. What do You Think?

14 April 2023: Always Write Parallel Lists! Do You Know What it Means?

23 March 2023: Have You Tried Alternatives to Bullets in PowerPoints or Notes?

9 March 2023: Bullets in PowerPoints and Notes: How Many to Avoid Death by Bullet-Point?

23 February 2023: 2 Easy Strategies to Improve Readability in PowerPoint Slides!

9 February 2023: 2 Things to Avoid on PowerPoint Slides that can Help Learners

26 January 2023: Do you have an Expression of Intent? We all need one!

27 October 2022: Time to Think About ONE Important Thing to Focus on in 2023.

29 September 2022:  My New Online Course: Are you Cold, Lukewarm or Interested? Find out quickly!

25 August 2022: 7 Guidelines to become a really competent Tertiary Student

23 August 2022: Want affordable Lifelong Learning & Self-Education?

11 August 2022: One Powerful Effect when Common Sense is linked with (Cognitive) Science

22 June 2022: Be a More Growth-Oriented Adult with a 7 Step Process

1 June 2022:  What is “The Strangest Secret”?

19 May 2022:  How 4 Core Regrets can Help You.

12 May 2022:  Can You Really Learn and Learn How to Learn at the Same Time?


Focus of Newsletters in 2024

In 2024 I am focusing on ‘Mini-Lessons to Be More” in my newsletters.

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