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In 2020 I created and published my first online course. A great achievement at my age!!  I loved the process and developed so many skills that I decided to create more courses. But, the process started long ago.

I have always loved sharing my knowledge and skills with other therapists or professionals, educators, parents and learners.

My jouney of creating and presenting face-to-face talks, training workshops and courses started more than 25 years ago!  I have workshopped and trained hundreds of professionals, educators and parents in this time.

But, then Covid became part of our lives and things changed for all of us.  I loved the lock-downs as it gave me time to do new things that I did not get time for before.  And…then my first online course became a reality!

7 Metacognitive Steps to Be More evolved from two other projects that were directly related to my daily work with school learners.  A ‘ Be More Sticker’ project (that I started just before Covid) and a ‘Be More Ebook’ project (that was also done during the initial lock-down period in South Africa).  Both of these projects and the resources created as part of these projects, are included in the 7 Metacognitive Steps to Be More course.


Here are some reviews about this course on the Udemy Platform.

Elke C.

I have found the course thought provoking.  The structure of the 7 steps is clear and helpful.  There are generous additional resources.

Shannon P.

Great bite sized presentations to mull on and challenge my fragile being and rather fixed (frightened) mindset.

Elsa C.

Excellent, WOW, thank you and the practical resources to use in practice and personally are just amazing!  Loved it!!! 

Wilh-Marie B.

I found this course very interesting.  Loved the practical examples.  Will definitely apply the steps in practice and in my daily life.  Thank you!



The ‘7 Metacognitive Steps to Be More Course’ is suitable for:

  • Older learners and adult learners that want to work through the course on their own to become and be more in some area of their life, e.g. to be more metacognitive, to be more growth-oriented, to be more organized, to be more focused, to be more effective with time management, etc.;
  • Parents that want to use the course with their own children to help them to become more in some area of their lives and to equip their children with life skills for the future (e.g. as mentioned in previous bullet);
  • Professionals that work with children with academic or learning difficulties that want to use the course information and resources in/for therapy sessions to promote metacognition, a growth-oriented mindset, as well as executive function skills such as organization, being focused, time management, etc.;
  • Educators or school counselors that want to use the course or the information to empower children with a growth-oriented mindset, metacognitive skills and life skills for the future.

The 7 Metacognitive Steps to Be More course is

  • A self-paced
  • Online course
  • With lifetime access
  • On the Udemy Platform.

You can access the course landing page, preview the course or purchase the course by using the link below.




I promote and stand for REAL Learning and helping others to Become and Be More in one or more areas of their lives.

My areas of specialization are ‘thinking skill and learning skills’.  These two skills are actually referred to as ‘the most important skills in life.’ So I am SO grateful that I can empower school and adult learners with these superpowers that we all need.

In my new and second online course, ‘Learning How to Learn with the REAL Learning Process Path’, I am sharing my knowledge and skills of more than two decades with you! I want to help you to Become a More Effective and Metacognitive Learner! I want you to learn to think about your own learning process, the factors that affect you positively and negatively (e.g. executive function skills);  why and where you need to make changes; and most of all how to make changes to become a more effective and metacognitive learner.

This course IS MORE than study tips and study hacks. In the course I teach a systematic metacognitive learning process as I implement with my referrals on a daily basis  (I get most of my referrrals from profesionals).

The course is structured around the 6 Step REAL Learning Process that I have developed over more than two decades.  But, every step of the process can be backed up by the Science of Learning.

As a student on this course you will get:

  • Over 4 hours of content
  • More than 60 short video lectures
  • More than 120 downloadable resource
  • Trancripts in English and Afrikaans
  • Practical guidelines, templates, examples & lots of other resources
  • More than 50 quizzes for retrieval practice.

I have really created this course with passion and dedication to help YOU!  Read on to find out if this course is right for you.


  • Do you want to learn how to learn?
  • Are you motivated to support your own children and help them to develop effective learning skills?
  • Is it important for you to empower your clients with the skills to learn how to learn?
  • Can you and do you want to expand your services as a therapist or a coach?

Then this course will help you and save you lots of time!

By investing in this course, you’ll get a wealth of information and practical step-by-step guidance about how to use a REAL Metacognitive Learning Process.

Learning How to Learn with the REAL Learning Process Path

  • Is a self-paced
  • Online course
  • With lifetime access
  • On the Udemy Platform.

You can access the course landing page, preview the course or purchase the course by using the link below.




My courses go on special offers on a regular basis.

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“Yesterday I was clever, so I changed the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

– Rumi

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