is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

21 Stories to Celebrate 21 Years of IACESA


This booklet was a project initiated as part of the IACESA Conference in 2015.

In the booklet you will find 21 inspiring stories of people that were part of IACESA over many years.

You can read my story on page 42.



Developing Critical Thinking


Book edited by Prof Mary Grosser.

My chapter in this book is titled ‘Critical Thinking on The Road of Life (For Optimal Well-Being).’



The Power of One Piece of Paper


This resource contains…

A collection of Mathematics Mind Maps that can be used by Grade 8 as well as Grade 9 learners (but even by Grade 7 and Grade 10 learners).

The purpose of the resource is …

To make learners aware of ‘the power of one piece of paper’ so that they can fully comprehend the big picture of a section of Mathematics.

To empower learners to identify and use basic thinking skills that are required when doing Mathematics as good thinking will have a positive effect on Mathematical performance.

This resource is more than 10 years old…

But even more relevant today than 10 years ago!

Hard copies can be ordered directly from

Cost: R100 plus postage.

Some of my favourite


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